Welcome to Distinguished

Jan Jaap
Photo by: Roelof Pot

How many times have you wondered what to wear for an official occasion? Are you nervous about a formal dinner because of the complicated cutlery? Would you like to know the correct way to introduce people?

Distinguished conducts workshops Etiquette and good manners and also provides individual advice customized to your particular situation.

Etiquette and good manners are generally associated with rules and regulations. You can see this in the many books written about the subject. At Distinguished we prefer to emphasize refinement and courtesy, as well as sociability and a pleasant atmosphere.

We believe that inner refinement expresses itself through courtesy. That is why we say ‘could’ rather than ‘must’ when we talk about etiquette and good manners.

Our workshops are customized to your specific wishes. In our experience a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere is the best setting to discuss the most common features of etiquette and good manners.

We aim to provide you with sufficient tools to feel at ease during formal occasions.

For references, please check our Endorsements page.