Workshop Dining etiquette

Distinguished offers workshops Dining etiquette for everyone who is interested in this subject. We conduct Dinner table as well as Luncheon table workshops. If you would like advice that is customized to your individual situation, we are happy to provide private sessions.

Depending on your preferences we will discuss table setting, the correct use of cutlery, proposing a toast etc. Of course we also pay attention to good manners in a more general context. Our workshops and private classes are instructive as well as relaxed.

We combine our advice with real-life examples, anecdotes, exercises and an etiquette quiz. In every workshop you will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Dining etiquette workshops are available for six participants or more. Private sessions are available for one or two participants.

Workshop (International) Business etiquette

This workshop deals with (international) business etiquette and good manners. To illustrate the various examples we use a PowerPoint-presentation. You will receive answers to questions like: how best to dress for a particular occasion, how to gain access to a potentially valuable contact, and when to get on a first-name basis with someone.

In addition we discuss international etiquette. Depending on your specific wishes we can discuss the specific customs in certain countries or cultures. For instance, what are good manners in Japan, and how to exchange business cards. Every part of this workshop is interlaced with examples and anecdotes.

Workshop Personal presentation and dress codes

This workshop focuses on personal presentation and dress codes in a variety of business and private situations. Here too, we use a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate the various examples.

If you would like to know how to make a good first impression; how to dress for the office, receptions, conferences, fairs, parties and galas, we will provide the answer in this workshop. In addition, we discuss (e-mail) correspondence and conventions regarding official invitations (R.S.V.P., Regrets Only, and dress codes, such as Smart Casual, Tenue de Ville, Black Tie, White Tie, etc. The proper way to greet people and make their acquaintance is an important part of this workshop.

Workshop Customer Service Excellence

This workshop has been specially designed for people in commercial or service positions, such as sales representatives, reception desk workers, shop assistants, and employees in the hospitality industry.

If you prefer we can design tailor-made presentations for each of your staff groups, making this workshop suitable for your entire staff.

Making the most of your job interview

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. This is especially true for job interviews. After this workshop you know how best to prepare for your interview.

You will feel confident about your job interview and about conducting yourself in a way that is proper and natural to you.

Wedding etiquette

A unique workshop to familiarize yourself with the customs of a traditional wedding. We discuss the wedding preparations as well as the big day itself. Dining etiquette is an important part of this workshop.

Master class Certificate Etiquette

If you have passed a Master class or Etiquette test, we will give you a special Master class Certificate. The Certificate will indicate the different parts of the workshop you attended.

Every Certificate is printed on extra quality paper. Participants with the Master class Certificate like to indicate this on their Curriculum Vitae or resume.

Please check our participants’ endorsements of our workshops.